The Captioning Studio is incredibly proud of its multi-award-winning GoTheatrical!™ theatre captioning technology!

In fact, it has become so popular with Australian venues and patrons alike that it is now the only theatre captioning technology and service offered in Australia.

GoTheatrical!™ provides both open and closed captioning options.

For open captioning, GoTheatrical!™ uses plasmas/LCD screens for its caption display.

We believe these screen types have many advantages over traditional captioning technology used elsewhere in the world, including:

  • Inexpensive to purchase or hire. Readily available from local suppliers.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Allow for display of multiple coloured texts (colours specifically selected for ease of reading)
  • Allow for up to 8 lines of text on screen, as opposed to just 3 with traditional captioning technology
  • Coloured texts mean it is not necessary to preface dialogue with character names every time an actor speaks; for example, in scenes where there are only two characters on stage, there is no need to preface with character names every time they speak as colour change makes differentiation between actors’ lines very clear
  • Allow for positioning of captions on screen to correspond with where the actors are located on stage, making characters’ lines easy to identify
  • Allow for display of italicised texts and musical notes, making song lyrics and sound effect descriptions easy to identify
  • Allow for up to 37 characters on a line, as opposed to only 32 with traditional captioning technology
  • Allow for captions to be cued phrase by phrase, pop-up style, as opposed to smooth scrolling so patrons don’t lose their place in the captions.
  • Allow for more precise timing of the captions being cued to screen
  • Glare issues minimised as plasma/LCD screens allow for contrast ratios/brightness levels to be set to low and can be fitted with an inexpensive piece of sheer black cloth (completely invisible to the audience) that blocks out all glare during non-captioned segments of performances.
  • Permit the display of accented letters on screen, so languages other than English can be displayed accurately. This is not possible with traditional captioning technology.

For our closed captioning, we launched in 2012 our new patented GoTheatrical!™ app, available from the App Store and GooglePlay, enabling patrons to access captions on mobile phones or tablet devices.  Specifically designed for theatre lighting conditions, patrons seated nearby are not distracted by the technology.

There are, in fact, quite a few venues in Australia that are now offering their audiences both open and closed captioning simultaneously at all captioned performances, giving patrons the choice of either sitting in the auditorium in specific seats with a view of the open caption screen/s, or sitting up in the balconies and access captions on mobile or tablet devices.

For more information on our GoTheatrical! theatre captioning service, including complete listings of upcoming captioned performances, please visit our website at

Please Contact Us if you would like any further details on making live theatre performances accessible.

And stay tuned for details of our world-first audio description app for live performance!  Coming very soon.

And  here is The Captioning Studio’s Media Release about our GoTheatrical! theatre captioning app, launched in 2012:

The Captioning Studio is pleased to announce its new Theatre Captioning service for 2012, ‘Go-Theatrical!™ App’.  This patented technology will give patrons at participating venues the opportunity to access theatre captions on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, while captions can also be provided simultaneously on plasma/LCD displays.

The Go-Theatrical!™ theatre captioning technology and service launched in Australia in 2005 and has since taken the Australian theatre industry by storm.   It is now the only theatre captioning technology used by Australian venues and production companies, including the Sydney Opera House and the Arts Centre in Melbourne.   In August this year, GoTheatrical!™ theatre captioning won the 2011 Best Event Captioning Award at the National Captioning Awards hosted by Deafness Forum Australia.

Nari Jennings, co-founder of The Captioning Studio, comments: “We’re excited about the launch of our latest theatre captioning technology.  By offering simultaneous open and closed captioning in this way, patrons with a hearing loss have a choice as to how they access their theatre captions, and that’s just fantastic!”

The new service will enable patrons to download the Go-Theatrical! Mobile™ app to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and simply select the captioned performance they are attending fr om a list of available shows.

The app includes some extremely clever features which make the technology suitable for the live theatre environment.   It also ensures that captions can be viewed only by patrons in the relevant venue.

GoTheatrical!™ App is already attracting interest within the Australian theatre industry, with several venues planning to offer the service in 2012.  Details of participating venues, as well as information on how to download the app, will be announced shortly.

The Go-Theatrical!™ technology was originally patented to cover theatre captioning on television-type display screens, which are positioned either on-stage or to the side of the stage.   “We are thrilled to have patented and now developed Go-Theatrical!™ for use on mobile devices too.   Australia can be proud of the fact that it is leading the world in theatre captioning access”, says Nari.