The Captioning Studio has been providing live realtime captioning of educational classes since our formation in 2004.  It is an honour for us to assist these students with their studies, and our staff go to great lengths to deliver the very best possible service to both the student and the educational establishment.

The feedback we receive from our universities  is that our staff make it possible for them to provide the service to their students with minimal cost and effort.

What their students often tell us is that they have never before been able to access, and participate in, their classes to such an extent!

Our service is generally delivered by a captioner working remotely, which keeps costs as low as possible whilst maintaining very high standards.  The university sends audio to us using a phone line or over the internet and the captions are sent back to the student’s laptop or tablet device via the internet.

We are always happy to assist with the technical set-up of our remote realtime captioning service.  We can also provide all the equipment and software necessary to deliver the service to  students, making it virtually effortless to set up.

For more information about our live captioning service, please refer to our Live Captioning page or Contact Us.