With only the very finest stenocaptioners on our captioning team, including both Australian and world champions, The Captioning Studio’s multi-award-winning live captioning service, 3D Speech™, is widely regarded as the very best of its kind, both for its accuracy – and its outstanding speed. Our word-accurate live captions appear on screen within approximately two seconds of the spoken word!

3D Speech™ is a realtime communication technology that is transforming the way people (including people with hearing loss, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders or with English as a second language) communicate and participate in the classroom, at events and in the workplace, whether in the room or offsite.

And with its one-touch tagging function, people with physical disabilities unable to make their own notes are now able to bookmark text for easy reference later. Our technology also has configurable font sizing, making it suitable for everyone.

3D Speech™ captions are available on PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones, as well as Android.

A transcript is also provided following the event.

The Captioning Studio has been an Approved Service Provider with the Federal Government’s JobAccess initiative since 2008, and with the Employment Assistance Fund since its creation in 2010.

Our 3D Speech™ live captioning service offers:

1. Live realtime captioning
2. Live streamed sign language (optional)
3. Bookmarking and annotating of captioning (and sign language – optional)
4. Pause the live captioning/transcript to review previous text.
5. Transcript available immediately and can be saved as PDF
6. Instant messaging/chat functionality
7. Ability to post segments of live captioning text directly to Facebook and Twitter (if permitted by event organiser)
8. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops. Works with most browsers.
9. Live realtime captioning and/or sign language can be delivered either onsite or remotely.

We have also produced an Auslan video explaining how 3D Speech™ works for Deaf people who communicate using Australian Sign Language – www.3dspeech.com/auslan-introduction

How Does It Work?

3D Speech™ is delivered using a remote live captioning methodology developed and used exclusively by The Captioning Studio.

For remote captioning, the captioner who is located offsite from your event listens to the proceedings via a telephone line connection or, alternatively, over the internet, depending on your preference.

As the captioner hears the audio, they produce an instant live text transcription which displays on screen at your event within approximately two seconds.

The Captioning Studio’s live captioning service is an easy, mobile solution to meet your needs!

For more information on 3D Speech™, please visit our website 3dspeech.com/accessibility or Contact Us.

“The Captioning Studio’s live captioning technology has been trialled with our graduate programs with great success. We have been really impressed by the speed and quality of the access that the technology, and The Captioning Studio’s highly skilled captioning services, have provided for us.”
Professor Greg Leigh, Director of the Renwick Centre, The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC)

“Accessing information remains a significant barrier for people with deafness, and The Captioning Studio’s 3D Speech™ technology offers an optimal opportunity for inclusive and accessible information for everyone in both written and sign language formats – this is the way forward”.
Kyle Miers, Manager, Deaf Children Australia.