For so many students with a hearing loss, school and university can be an exhausting and frustrating experience as they struggle to hear in the classroom.

With fast, accurate live captioning, whether in the classroom, tutorial or lecture theatre, the student can not only follow the lecturer or teacher; they can fully participate in the learning process.

Moreover, many institutions offering higher education are now recording lectures so that students can review them in their own time.   Providing captioning of lecture recordings gives students with a hearing loss equal access to the material.  The Captioning Studio is lecture capture company Echo 360’s Australian captioning partner.

Our multi-award-winning CaptionsDirect™ live captioning service delivers to screen highly accurate captioning within just two seconds of the words being spoken, giving students the opportunity to both access, and participate in, their classes.

Coming Soon From CaptionsDirect™

Continuing our commitment to the best captioning and the best customer service, in 2012 we will be launching a brand-new, patented CaptionsDirect™ feature-set, alongside a new-look website and easy online bookings system.

For now, if you’d like to try out our live captioning service for yourself, simply give us a call on 08 8463 1639 or email us at sales at

For further information about how we can help with captioning in education, simply give us a call on 08 8463 1639 or email us at sales at