World Summit on Arts And Culture
The 2011 World Summit on Arts & Culture, using our award-winning remote captioning service.

Live realtime captioning is certainly becoming a regular feature at conferences these days.

The Captioning Studio’s award-winning live captioning service is always popular with conference delegates.  While our service provides delegates with a hearing loss full access to conference proceedings, it is also popular with delegates generally, who like to use our live captions for referencing and general note-taking purposes.  Our service is also of great assistance to delegates with English as a second language.

As well as the live text transcription, we can also provide a fully edited transcript at the conclusion of the event.

Our live captioning service is very easy to provide, and we offer tailored technical solutions and a choice of on-site support and remote services.

Our captions can be displayed on projection screens, plasma/LCD television screens, or on the delegates’ own laptops or mobile and tablet devices.

We can provide captioning staff onsite, or we can deliver our service remotely and securely over the internet.   For our remote live captioning service, our captioners listen to conference proceedings via a telephone line or VoIP.   Our realtime captions appear accurately on screen within an astounding two seconds of the spoken word.

We are able to provide you with all the systems you need to offer our live captioning service, so there is very little for your technical team to do.

We can provide references upon request.

For further information on how we can help with live captioning of your event, please Contact Us.