Nari Jennings, Co-Founder, Director & COO, Captioning Studio Group

One of the industry’s most highly respected captioning professionals, Nari is a dynamic force within Captioning Studio Group’s team.

Nari’s unique blend of in-depth industry knowledge and her personal experience growing up in a family with genetic deafness combine here to create magic. The unprecedented workflows and revolutionary captioning training programs she has created have helped to catapult Captioning Studio into its position as a world leader in its field.

A natural lateral thinker, Nari is also a valued member of our Product team, providing her unique insight into both the end-user experience and the user interface of our technologies, where Captioning Studio continues to set the standards in the industry right around the world.

Passionate about creating an accessible world, Nari is an engaging communicator about the power of accessibility, and has developed lasting connections with many of our clients.

Nari loves the performing arts and has been instrumental in the expansion of theatre captioning in Australia, particularly now as Chairperson of the Australian Theatre Captioning Advisory Group.

A keen traveller, Nari’s favourite way to spend an afternoon is strolling the streets of Paris or climbing to 8,000 feet in Colorado!

Alex French - Co-Founder Captioning StudioAlex French, Co-Founder & CEO, Captioning Studio Group

Alex is the co-founder of Captioning Studio and is responsible for the bits and bytes that make everything possible. Alex worked as an engineer for IBM and BBC Television, then moved into software product management before founding the Captioning Studio in 2004.

A natural problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit, Alex has a passionate vision for creating new ways to deliver high-quality accessibility to more people and in more places through collaboration, software technology and automation. His journey led him to the online video realm, when he founded Peepable in 2013.

Believing anything is possible after cycling 1000 miles from John O’ Groats to Land’s End at a very young age, Alex knows that Peepable has the power to transform the way the world uses video on the internet.