26 April 2012

Australia Launches World-First Revolutionary Realtime Communication Technology for Education, Workplace and Events:
’3D Speech™’

2011 Australian Human Rights Award winner, The Captioning Studio, today announces its revolutionary new realtime communication access technology, 3D Speech™, that will transform the way deaf people communicate and participate in the classroom, events and the workplace, whether in the room or offsite.

Co-founder of The Captioning Studio, Alex French, says: “3D Speech gives people who are Deaf or hard of hearing a choice of accessing sign language, captioning, or both, for their realtime communication access”.

The Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) in Australia is the first in the world to trial 3D Speech™. Professor Greg Leigh, Director of RIDBC Renwick Centre, is delighted with the results:

“The 3D Speech technology has been trialled with our graduate programs with great success. We have been really impressed by the speed and quality of the access that the technology, and The Captioning Studio’s highly skilled captioning services, have provided for us.”

The innovative 3D Speech™ technology will be in action this weekend at the Deafness Forum Summit in Melbourne, the first conference in the world to offer the technology.

Conference delegates can access live captioning and sign language interpretation (individually or simultaneously) on their laptops, smartphones and tablets, and will be able to use bookmarking and annotation functions. Delegates will also have online access to conference presentations, transcripts and sign language recordings following the event.

With bookmarking, annotation, chat interactivity and impressive search functionality, 3D Speech™ greatly enhances the accessibility experience of deaf people in educational, workplace and conference settings.

“The overwhelming feedback about 3D Speech™ has been that it is ‘mind-blowing’. Even people with English as their second language will also benefit greatly”, says Alex French.

“Once people see the technology in action and grasp its extensive functionality, I believe we’ll start seeing 3D Speech™ as a standard feature in classrooms, workplaces and conferences right around the world.”

The subject of a number of patents pending, the 3D Speech™ technology offers impressive and diverse functionality such as, but not limited to:

1. Live realtime captioning
2. Live streamed sign language
3. Bookmarking and annotating of both sign language and captioning
4. Pause the live captioning/transcript to review previous text.
5. Transcript available immediately and can be saved as PDF
6. Storage of complete online libraries of audio/video, sign language and text transcripts – all completely searchable, allowing users to search and review transcripts and sign language files of their lectures, meetings or other events.
7. Interactive transcripts of pre-recorded material within your 3D Speech™ library
8. Audio/video, transcript and sign language keyword search, instantly navigating you directly to the point in the audio/video, and the captions, where the keywords you’re searching for were spoken, and captioned, and/or signed!
9. Analytics data showing content owners which sections of audio/video have been reviewed by users, assisting with targeting of future marketing
10. Instant messaging/chat functionality
11. Ability to post segments of live captioning text directly to Facebook and Twitter (if permitted by event organiser)
12. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops. Works with most browsers.
13. Live realtime captioning and/or sign language can be delivered either onsite or remotely.

An Auslan video has been produced explaining how 3D Speech™ works for Deaf people who communicate using Australian Sign Language –

For further information contact: Alex French – (08) 8463 1639 / Mobile: 0409 963 998

About The Captioning Studio:

Described as ‘trailblazers in captioning technology’ by The Canberra Times, Australian social innovation company The Captioning Studio provides high-quality captioning and audio description services and technology.

Winners of the 2011 Australian Human Rights Award in the Business Category, The Captioning Studio has also developed the award-winning GoTheatrical theatre captioning system and the world-first theatre captioning App.

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