Australia’s leading innovators in captioning and subtitling technology, The Captioning Studio is thrilled to announce its brand new ClickableCaptions™ service for online videos.

This state-of-the-art technology displays a full transcript next to the online video, and allows viewers to simply click on any particular words of interest  to instantly jump the video to the relevant section and begin playing!

As well as ClickableCaptions, you can choose from a range of standard caption formats for DVD, YouTube, and other platforms at no extra cost.

“ClickableCaptions™ has been almost 18 months in the making”, said Nari Jennings from The Captioning Studio.   “We are incredibly passionate about accessibility and we wanted to find a way to encourage people to make their online material accessible to people with a hearing loss.  We believe that ClickableCaptions™ is the perfect solution!”

While this amazing technology certainly looks great on a website, it has another benefit for website owners.   ClickableCaptions™ greatly enhances search engine optimization as the content of the video becomes fully searchable and indexable by search engines such as Google.

The ClickableCaptions™ technology can be used on any PHP website, with a WordPress plug-in also now available.  Developers can insert ClickableCaptions™ into their website within just minutes.

And the great news for people with a hearing loss is that ClickableCaptions™ works not just on YouTube but also on Vimeo, BlipTV and Brightcove, with additional players and platforms being added to our list all the time!

A NO-COST ClickableCaptions™ service will be launching soon.  Join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @thecaptstudio to find out more.

A demonstration of ClickableCaptions™ can be found at:

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