The Captioning Studio is thrilled to announce its partnership with Echo360, one of the leading suppliers of lecture recording systems worldwide.

“Echo360 is delighted to have partnered with The Captioning Studio for the captioning of EchoSystem lecture recordings,” says Jocasta Williams, Director, ANZ Operations, Echo360.

The Echo360 system is already installed in over 1,500 classrooms in Australia, and now with added captioning functionality, there is now the opportunity for students with a hearing loss and those with English as a second language to have equal access to lecture recordings online.

With many lectures now being routinely recorded so that students can review their lectures in their own time, many hearing impaired students will benefit from the captioning service, being able to make use of the recordings as a part of their studies.

The importance of captioning is being increasingly recognised by educators and suppliers of online learning systems.  The Captioning Studio has adapted its captioning service and systems to meet the needs of the online learning marketplace.

Trials of The Captioning Studio’s system started earlier this year, with several Australian universities taking part in the process.

“We felt that it was important to make it simple for our clients to access the service, and we have been working with partners like Echo360 to make our service a seamless part of the lecture recording process”, said Nari Jennings, co-founder of The Captioning Studio. “With our system, university staff need only to flag a course of lectures for captioning and the rest of the process (from the university’s point of view) is completely automated. We have trialled the service with a number of Australian universities and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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